The Swordsman Called the Countless Swords Sorcerer – Chapter 8

TLN: Enjoy! Hopefully we can get back to the twins soon!


In the Nagras kingdom, Toria is a port town.

The eastern side of the town touches the sea and has been developed as a base for nearby trade.

In the south there is the forest of Kosas, as well as a green plain grassland spreading from north to west.

Going further west you will reach the largest mountain range on the entire continent named the Kanobisu Mountains, ahead of that is a barren wilderness.

Very dangerous monsters live in the wilderness and the forest which makes it unsafe for both ordinary people as well as mercenaries.

The lives of mercenaries who overestimate their abilities are lost there every month.

It would be suicide for a mercenary to enter the mountain range without knowing what to expect.

Even the most dangerous monsters in the grasslands of Toria can’t stand at the feet of the weakest monsters in the Kanobisu mountain range.

That goes without saying, even the monsters of the grasslands would prove difficult for newbie mercenaries.

Newbie mercenaries who encounter 『Despair』 fitting of the name 『Despair』 can only curse their bad luck. (TLN: First “Despair” is written as 絶望, second is written as ディスペア, but they mean the same thing but one is in English)

Despair is a demon at the top of the food chain in the grasslands.

It’s average height is 5 meters. It’s whole body is covered in green scales, with the form like that of a reptile who can walk on two legs.

It keeps it’s balance using it’s forefeet and thick tail which can move at high speed to catch prey.

It has 2 horns extending out of it’s head. However they cannot be used to attack as they are orientated backwards.

Despair posses powerful weapons including sharp fangs lining it’s jaw, deadly nails that can slit leather armor and incredible agility to control them all. It’s strong scales will repel any half baked attacks.

It usually hunts herbivorous monsters in the grasslands to satisfy it’s appetite, rarely attacking people.

There is no doubt it’s an opponent you don’t want to encounter if you’re a newbie mercenary. You should be prepared for death should you meet it.

「Konia! How are Ralph’s wounds?」 (???)

A boy with ash blond hair holding a sword and shield desperately shouted whilst opposing the aforementioned Despair.

「It’s bad! There’s no more medicine!」 (Konia)

A small girl uttered a crying voice whilst treating the wounds of axe wielding man who had lost consciousness from blood loss.

「Tch!」 (Gresch)

Gresch clicked his tongue at the girl’s reply.

They were currently located at a distance of about 2 hours on foot from Toria, in the middle of the grasslands away from the highway. It was a desperate situation.

The four of them were originally childhood friends from the same village.

Three months have passed since they left the village for the city.

Despite having no abundant funds or previous jobs, they managed to earn just enough to feed themselves by becoming mercenaries.

They bought weapons with the money received as a gift when leaving the village. Initially taking requests such as being a supporter for veteran mercenaries, luggage holding and miscellaneous chores.

After gaining some degree of fighting experience, at least enough to protect themselves. They decided to gradually go out and hunt in the grasslands.

Even if they were a little excited, they were never reckless.

They listened intently to the advice given by veteran mercenaries and never did any jobs that could be seen as being dangerous.

Even in the grasslands, they had avoided dangerous monsters such as 『Beast Kings』 and 『Green Knifes』 and instead focused on hunting the relatively safe and easy to hunt 『Snatchers』.

Snatchers are a kind of weasel that have a large body close to 1 meter in height.

It is a carnivorous beast with a fierce personality, but it’s hardly a difficult hunt for newbie mercenaries with basic skills in combat.

Apparently the tail can be harvested and the cartilage extracted for a high price. For this reason it’s said to be a good hunt for new mercenaries.

After leaving Toria in the early morning, they had hunted 8 snatchers by noon.

It was not a bad pace considering the sun had not finished ascending. It was also fairly profitable as aside from the tail, the fur itself is also worth quite alot.

They had felt like they had finally gotten lucky after such a long time, and it was at this point after trying to have an early lunch that Despair appeared.

Due to preparing for lunch, they had neglected to pay attention to their surroundings.

That mistake was fatal.

Konia, who has the best vision amongst the four saw it approaching from the horizon first. After seeing that the monster was the one named Despair, the group was on high alert.

Although the agility of Despair is lower than the Beast King, it was not by much.

Upon seeing it, they knew that they were not at a distance they could escape from.

Inevitably, it was Gresch who began the engagement, however it was not an opponent he could face and win.

He couldn’t even see a chance to win, it was impossible. He was hoping at least hoping to stall it in order to find time to escape, but one of the group got injured almost immediately.

「Jio! Leave together with Ralph and Konia!」 (Gresch)

「What are you saying Gresch!?」 (Jio)

A long haired youth holding a sword next to Gresch asked without moving his eyes from Despair.

「I’ll earn as much time as possible here」 (Gresch)

「Stupid! How can I leave you alone!」 (Jio)

「There’s no other way…!」 (Gresch)

But to die. However Gresch swallowed those words.

「Let’s defeat this guy!」 (Jio)

「Alright! Jio!」 (Gresch)

The swordman called Jio ran behind despair and slashed his sword to chop off it’s neck.

However the sword was blocked by it’s horns and could not reach it.

His strike was easily bounced back, and in response Despair attacked Jio with it’s tail.

The blow from the tail hit from Jio’s blind spot and sunk into his flank, blowing his body away.

「Jio!」 (Konia)

Konia screamed.

「Damn it!」 (Gresch)

As Ralph and Jio had been injured, they could no longer withdraw that easily.

「Konia! Even if it’s just you, run away!」 (Gresch)

「No way! I can’t do that!」 (Konia)

Despair suddenly lowered it’s neck, in a posture that would seem to suggest it would strike soon.

「Shaaaa!」 (Despair)

A violent scream spewed out from it’s mouth, showing rows of sharp fangs.

At that moment, the hind legs of Despair kicked the ground, jumping towards Gresch.

「Ku!」 (Gresch)

Hitting the side of Despair using his small shield, Gresch managed to escape it’s fangs.

Without giving him time to breathe, Despair prepared to attack again.

It raised it’s foreleg, showing a deadly claw.

Parrying Despair had knocked Gresch’s left arm outwards, his balance was lost and he didn’t have enough time to stabilise himself.

(Not good!)

Gresch was prepared for death.

「Gresch!」 (Konia)

Konia’s scream reached the ears of Gresch.

It’s the end.

The foreleg of Despair that was swinging towards Gresche suddenly dissappeared.

「Guiiii!」 (Despair)

Despair raised a shrieking voice.

Gresch couldn’t follow what had happened, Despair’s foreleg was flying in the air.

In the area where it’s foreleg should originally be, a cross section appeared as if it had been slashed. A massive amount of blood was flowing out.

「Eh?」 (Gresch)

「Shaaaa!」 (Despair)

To the Gresch who could not conceal his confusion, Despair tried to attack again. However it’s head disappeared in the next moment.

As it’s head hit the ground, it’s body soon followed.

Gresch did not know how he had escaped the monster, or why.

What came into the vision of the young boy was a floating short sword, wet with the blood of Despair.

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