The Swordsman Called the Countless Swords Sorcerer – Chapter 10

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「Well, as long as I don’t do anything too extraneous it should be fine」(Ardis)

Grinning whilst laughing, Ardis drew two short-swords from his lower waist and threw them into the air.

The short-swords that he had been thrown into the air was being propped up with no support.

「Na!? Th, That is….!」 (Jio)

Jio exclaimed, remembering something.

Meanwhile, the despairs were rapidly closing the distance to Ardis.

「Everyone, get ready for battle!」(Gresch)

In a hurry, Gresch relayed his instructions to his party members, but Ardis interrupted him.

「I’ll do it alone」(Ardis)

「Bu, but….!」(Gresch)

「Because it will end soon, please don’t move about so much」(Ardis)

The despairs were already at a range that a bow and arrow could reach.


Triggered by Ardis’ voice, the two short-swords flew in a straight line towards the despairs.

As they overlapped their respective targets, they were sucked into the faces of two of the enemies.

At the next moment, the despairs collapsed to the ground. However, since they were running at the time, the momentum rolled them forwards a few meters before stopping.

「Haa!? What happened!?」(Ralph)

 Ralph’s eyes opened wide, looking at the despairs that had collapsed and stumbled forward.


Since the short-swords had dispatched the two despair, Ardis had one left in front of him.

The last despair stopped it’s feet ten meters away and lowered it’s body.

Because the other despairs were defeated, it probably decided to carefully target Ardis’ weak spots, rather than a frontal assault.

「Hmm, surprisingly cautious」(Ardis)


The despair was attempting to intimidate Ardis.

「But, you are mistaking my method of attacking」 (Ardis)

With a calm face, Ardis raised his palms upwards and folded his fingers together.

A number of sharp pointed rocks shot towards the despair from the ground, matching the movement of his fingers.


The despair was shocked by the unexpected attack and tried to dodge, but the rocks attacking it were not just one or two.

Resistance was pointless in front of the rocks that struck one after another.

A rock hit the despair, causing it to lose it’s balance. Then another rock took advantage of that and struck it again.

A short while later the despair had lost it’s life, becoming a skewer.

「A, amazing….to defeat those despair so quickly…」(Ralph)

Ralph couldn’t help but raise his voice after seeing Ardis’ battle.

The unilateral battle had shocked not only Jio, but Gresch and Konia as well.

It can’t be helped.

Gresch was looking towards the despair that had attacked him previously and had it’s head chopped off. The movement of the short-sword at that time was too quick to see, but this time he saw it clearly.

After once again seeing Ardis’ movements from afar, he realized his overwhelming strength.

「Now then, with this we’re safe」(Ardis)

Ralph stood in front of Ardis who said such a thing.

He deeply bowed his head towards Ardis who he had looked down on before.

「I’m very sorry」 (Ralph)

He had changed his opinion and apologized with a sincere attitude.

「I saw what you did. I insulted you before, but that fight made me see you differently. I truly had no eyes at the time and took a rude attitude. Please forgive me」(Ralph)

Seeing him lower his head and change to a modest attitude, Ardis was unfazed.

Mainly because Ardis truly didn’t care about such a thing.

「Don’t worry, I’m used to it」(Ardis)

「I want to thank you for saving my party members lives, including mine」(Ralph)

Since his first impression was not good, Ralph’s serious tone just seemed clumsy.

Though because he had the courage to admit his mistakes, he doesn’t seem like a bad person.

Ardis thought he seemed a bit like Ted.

「Got it. I will accept your apology, so raise your head already」(Ardis)


Ralph raised his head.

Ardis looked at Ralph again.

His height was a head higher than Ardis’.

He had short black hair and brown eyes. His muscular physique screamed power and toughness to anyone who saw it.

「Sorry, is it okay to ask something?」 (Jio)

A long-haired man appeared from the side.

In contrast to Ralph, he was a slight smaller, slender swordsman.

「Well certainly, umm…」 (Ardis)


Jio, with tied up chestnut hair draping down his back responded to Ardis.

「That technique to manipulate swords you showed us just now, are you perhaps the rumored『Sword Magic User』?」(Jio)

「Jio, what’s a sword magic user?」(Konia)

Having never heard of it before, Konia asked Jio.

「Have you not heard the rumors? Not only can he manipulate all four attributes, but he also has his own unique magic known as sword magic, which no-one else can use」(Jio)

「I didn’t know about it」(Konia)

Konia shakes her head causing her hair to bounce around.

「It’s sword magic that no-one else can imitate. The sword is manipulated in such a way that it flies in the sky, chopping off monster’s heads as if it were a dance. The magician is shrouded in mystery—well, it seems like the story is true」(Jio)

Is it you? Jio’s eyes seem to urge Ardis to answer.

Ardis answered whilst scratching his cheek.

「There are many who call me such a thing…though I don’t have any intention to be called that」(Ardis)

Jio immediately brightened up at that reply.

「Just as I thought….who would have thought that the rumored sword magician would save our lives….this will make a good drinking story」(Jio)

「Hmm, so you were a celebrity. Please sign your autograph for me later!」(Konia)

The red-haired girl smiled sweetly as she asked.

She had a small face, small nose and small mouth. Her red hair was semi-long. Her orange eyes were the color of acorns, looking excessively big.

She also had a small physique, looking much younger than Ardis. Interrupting his own train of thoughts, Ardis spoke up.

「So, are you returning to Toria Gresch?」(Ardis)

Gresch nodded to Ardis’ question.

「Ah, I think we’ve done enough hunting for today」(Gresch)

「Today truly was the most troublesome hunt of my life. To encounter 4 despairs in one day」(Ralph)

Ralph couldn’t help but spill his complaints.

「But fortunately we were helped out by the 『Sword Magic User』who defeated all the enemies, it wasn’t all bad」(Jio)

「It’s good to be alive, right?」(Konia)

Jio seems to be not altogether after his near-death experience. Konia seems to be someone who takes life as it comes. Shrugging his shoulders, Ardis felt like giving up.

As Gresch says, they caught some prey in the morning so there was no need to continue hunting for today.

They decided to leave for today as their mental fatigue was quite high, especially since their lives were at risk twice in one day.

Then, Ardis raised a proposal.

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