The failure swordsman who became the strongest after spamming the 100 million years button – Chapter 4

TLN: Allen underestimates his strength a lot, but he changes a bit after this chapter. You’ve got to remember he hasn’t fought anyone after his transformation, so he has no idea how strong he is in comparison.

I’ve changed his technique which was previously called “Single Sword – Flying Slash” to “First Sword – Flying Slash”

Someone mentioned that he seems mentally sound despite what he’s been through. Well, there is an explanation for that in the future so look forward to it

The failure swordsman and the swordsmanship academy – 2

Several days after my duel with Dodriel – the bullying towards me became worse.

Saying that, there was not direct harm to me like before.

However, malicious gossip was being spread in its place.

Failed Swordsman.


Used some forbidden technique.

I hear such voices wherever I walk in the school.

It seems this gossip was originally spread by Dodriel’s followers.

But strangely, I seem to be completely calm.

(If it was in the past – a billion years ago, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to live in such an environment)

Since I was so calm, it was possible to look at myself objectively.

「Saying that, I hope my mother is doing well…」(Allen)

On my way home to the dormitory, I thought about my mother who I had left at home.

Three years have passed since I started coming to the grand swordsmanship academy.

Although I exchange letters once a month, I have never once returned home.

Since I was so busy training, there wasn’t any time.

「Ok it’s decided…I’ll return home on my next vacation」(Allen)

It takes more than 10 hours to get to my village, Goza.

But perhaps now I’ll be able to arrive a little earlier.

「That’s right, let’s bring some souvenirs」(Allen)

I’ll be returning for the first time in 3 years after all.

I can’t arrive empty handed.

My mother loves rice crackers and rice balls.

If I bring those as a souvenir, I’m sure she’ll be pleased.

(No wait, how much do I have on hand right now….?)

When I pulled out my wallet from my chest pocket and opened it, several coins came out.

「500 gold…」(Allen)

I can’t afford a decent souvenir with this.

「…should I start working part-time?」(Allen)

Let’s consult with Paula…

She knows a lot of people, she may be able to get me a good part-time job.

Besides, if I’m introduced by her, I know it will be a safe job.

Walking back to the dormitory, I began humming a song.

As soon as I got back, I asked Paula about a good part-time job.

「Part-time job!?」(Paula)

「Yes. Are there any good jobs available? 」(Allen)

「Why so suddenly? Are you giving up studying the sword?」(Paula)

While tilting her head, she asked so.

「Sword training is important, but I was thinking of returning to my hometown soon, so I wanted to buy a present for my mother…」(Allen)

「–so it’s to buy a souvenir. Do you not have any money?」(Paula)

Paula spoke up after I told her everything.

「Ahaha….though it hurts to hear it out loud, it’s true」(Allen)

「Okay okay…..I understand your story, if that’s the case then I might know a good place」(Paula)

She seemed happy for some reason, she grinned whilst folding her arms.

「Really! Please introduce me by all means!」(Allen)

「Ok! – If you do this job, you can easily get rich quick」(Paula)

Saying that, Paula tore off a poster stuck on the bulletin board and smacked it on the table.

I picked up the wrinkled paper and gazed at it’s contents.

「Sword Festival…?」(Allen)

Sword Festival – A festival held once a month in the neighboring town of Orbis. Even though it’s a festival, it’s not as fun as common festivals. It’s more like a festival for martial artists who fight one on one in swordsmanship. The top three winners will receive price money.

「That’s right! If you’re a man, you have to compete with strength after all!」(Paula)

She said whilst smacking her triceps that were 3 times bigger than mine.

「Sword Festival…」(Allen)

In the past – even as recent as 100 million years ago, I would have not thought to compete in the festival.

But, after going through that hell. I may be able to fight well, despite the difficulty of getting the top prize.

–However, there is one problem with going to the sword festival.

「Although it’s a good idea….the participation fee….」(Allen)

To participate in the sword festival, 1000 gold is necessary for the participation fee.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that money right now.

I return the poster to Paula with an apologetic expression.

「You idiot! If I don’t provide the money so my boarder can show how manly he is, how can I be called a dorm mother!?」(Paula)

She took 1000 gold bank notes off the shelf and shoved them into my hands.

「Look, now you have it」(Paula)

「I, is it okay!?」(Allen)

「Aa! Now that you’ve got the fee, you can compensate me when you win!」(Paula)

「Th, thank you very much!…I will definitely get the top prize!」(Allen)

Since I would be appearing in the sword festival this weekend, I swung my sword in earnest for the rest of the day to prepare.

A few days later.

I was currently in the neighboring town of Orbis to compete in the sword festival.

「Etto…..I guess I will arrive soon….」(Allen)

With a simple map drawn up by Paula, I moved to the venue.

「Since this shop is here….it should be the next corner on the right」(Allen)

Then, as I turned around the corner, I lost my breath.


There were a lot of powerful swordsman standing there.

The sight of large men glaring at each other with swords on their waists had impressive power.

(S, seriously….)

Their muscles were swelling.

Their clenched fists looked like rock.

Their swords had clearly been used for a long time.

No doubt about that.

Everyone here is a swordsman of a higher rank than me.

(It’s frustrating….but perhaps my outlook was too optimistic….)

I never dreamed that the swordsmanship in this festival would be so high.

I was immediately enamored by the sight, but quickly remembered what I needed to do.

「Th, that’s right. I must first register to participate…」(Allen)

Looking around, I tried to find the reception desk.


Suddenly someone collided with me from behind.

Looking back, it was a big man with a crew cut who was at least 2 meters in height. Seeing the large sword on his back, it was easy to conclude that he was going to participate in the festival.

「A, an? Why are you standing in such a place you shitty child!」(Crew Cut Guy)

He immediately exposed his hostility and yelled.

In the meantime, three ladies who seemed to be his followers smiled callously.

「Mou. Is there a need to bully such a weak child, Bubble?」(Woman 1)

「Is this child also a participant for the sword festival? He has a sword on his waist after all」(Woman 2)

「No no. Even if the child participates, it won’t even be a fun fight!」(Woman 3)

Saying so, the rude group began to laugh amongst themselves.

I was indeed annoyed about this.

It was because of this large man that we came into conflict.

It was clear he was too focused on talking to the women, rather than looking where he was going.

Is it not clear in everyone’s eyes that it was Bubble’s fault?

Such an idea appears in my mind and it unintentionally shows on my face.

「Oi. What’s with those rebellious eyes? What can you even do to me?」(Bubble)

A blue vein appeared on his forehead as his knuckles cracked.

After considering my next course of action carefully.


I decided to apologize obediently to the disbelief of the other party.

If I cause problems in such a place, I may not be able to participate in the sword festival.

I don’t want to disappoint Paula who had supported me in participating.

「Haa, is that the only response you can give! You loser!」(Bubble)

Leaving such words, Bubble faded into the crowd.

I sighed deeply after seeing him disappear amongst the crowd.


It was a pain.

I didn’t want to get tangled up with such a fellow.

(It’s unavoidable…)

The world is wide after all.

Some people are gentle like Paula and others are rotten like the Bubble from before.

There is not need to waste time with such a rotten person.

「Etto, the reception….is over there」(Allen)

There was a long line in front of the reception desk.

At the beginning of the line, there was a sign that read『Sword Festival Reception』

There’s no mistake that this is the reception.

I walked to the back on the line for the time being and waited my turn.

Then after a while.

「Next person please」(Receptionist)


Finally, it was my turn.

At the reception, there was a beautiful blonde girl doing the registration work.

「Good morning. Are you planning on registering for the sword festival today? 」(Receptionist)

「Yes, please」(Allen)

「Certainly. Then, please provide the participation fee of 1000 gold」(Receptionist)

While thanking Paula in my mind, I took out the 1000 gold in banknotes from my wallet and handed it to the receptionist.

「Thank you very much. Please tell me your name and to which school you belong」(Receptionist)

「Allen Rhodes. My school is…」(Allen)

I never thought I’d be asked for my school affiliation, I was caught off guard.

「Allen Rhodes, what kind of school are you from?」(Receptionist)

I was asked again.

Apparently, I have to state my school no matter what.

「W, well…I don’t have a school…..I’m self-taught….」(Allen)

When I answered that I was「Self-Taught」it seemed somewhat anti-climactic.

「Puu…..I see….got it, got it」(Receptionist)

The receptionist desperately tried to hold her laughter, completing her work with trembling hands.

Almost all swordsmen belong to a school.

A swordsman who does not belong to a school is either crazy or someone who doesn’t have enough ability to even enter.

It’s no wonder you’d be laughed at if you participated in the festival as a self-taught swordsman.

After that, I finished registering my participation and moved out of the line. Letting out a long sigh.

(Haa….it was a bit embarrassing)

But now it’s over.

I don’t need to think it anymore, I just have to focus on the festival.

There’s about half an hour before the festival begins.

「Well, what should I do for now?」(Allen)

I found a suitable vacant area and began swinging my sword silently.

5 minutes before the start of the sword festival.

I was back at the hall listening to the opening ceremony.

The ceremony for the festival was taking place above a large stone on a wide grassy plain.

It was a very simple setup, with the audience seats surrounding the stage.

Currently, the director of the sword festival was explaining the rules on stage to the participants who were listening intently.

The battle format is one on one.

You will be defeated if you fall off the stone stage.

The match combinations will be decided by lottery before the battles start.

The rules were that simple.

After he had finished his speech, the sword festival began at last.

「We will now decide the first match combinations」(Presenter)

A woman who was serving as the presenter for the sword festival drew two pieces of paper out of the lottery box.

「The first match – is decided, Bubble Domingo vs Allen Rhodes. Players, please come up to the stage!」(Presenter)

「…I’m first」(Allen)

Ideally speaking, it would’ve been good to see how these powerful swordsmen fight one on one first.

But since it’s been decided, it was inevitable.

I go on the stage and face my opponent. Bubble Domingo.


「Oi oi, to think it was the loser from a little while ago! I’m surprised! I’m surprised someone as weak as you would participate here! 」(Bubble)

On the stage, Bubble smiled as he mocked and provoked me.

(I thought with a name like『Bubble』he would be a little different….but he’s really a man who strikes with words first….)

Whilst ignoring his cheap provocation, the presenter finished reading the paper in her hand.

「Eh, according to the information we have been provided with. Challenger Bubble’s school is Kongō-ryū! A school which focuses on crushing your opponents with a powerful strike from a large sword – it is a well-known school with a long tradition! Challenger Allen….pupu…Allen seems to be self-taught!」(Presenter)

The venue fell quiet at that moment.

It was easy to understand that I was being mocked.

「Gyahahahahah! Bubble, you have good luck! It will be an easy win!」(???)

「Oi, boy! Be careful not to get trampled!」(???)

「Pupupu…..Please show use the 『Self-Taught』style that you’re so proud of!」(???)

Bubble in front of me was also no exception.

「Oi oi oi, do your best kid! Such a small child, this is almost like bullying! Gyahahahaha!」(Bubble)

Bubble laughed exaggeratingly, clutching his stomach.

How vexing.

It is frustrating…..but they have not said anything wrong.

I certainly have become strong.

But that’s just within the small confines of the grand swordsmanship academy.

If you step into the world, you will find more superior swordsmen than me.

(I still have some ways to go…)

The world is wide – just knowing this makes it worth coming to the festival.

Anyway, lets put that aside for now and focus on the fight.

「–Please go ahead」(Allen)

Saying so, I lowered my head and waited for the match to start.

『Even if you are against a rude man, you have to pay a minimum amount of courtesy to your partner』――that is what my mother taught me.

Then, me and Bubble arrived at our respective starting points for our match.

「Are you both ready? Well then, first match – start! 」(Presenter)

As the presenter announced the start of the game, both me and Bubble pulled out our swords.

I put the sword in front of my stomach and take the basic stance – Seigan no Kamae.

Bubble kept his large sword in an overhead position.

(How much has my swordsmanship grown in those billion years of hell…? I will find out at this festival)

In order to find out, I won’t fight passively.

I must actively attack and compare our swordsmanship from the front.

So this time, I decided to take the lead.

From my stance, I quickly swung the sword vertically.

「First Sword—Flying Slash!」(Allen)

(TLN: I think I used single sword – flying slash last time, but this fits better)

It was the flying slash that I had perfected through by billion years of training.

The power is moderate, but it’s ideal for testing your opponent because it can be shot repeatedly after a short interval.

(Saa….what will you do…!?)

Bubble didn’t show any sign of moving at all to meet the flying slash.

(I see…he is intending to dodge it with minimal movements)

Although he is a rude person…it’s a fact that his battle sense is better than mine.

As I thought that.

「–I’m attacking n…ah!?」(Bubble)

Bubble was hit on the nose by the flying shadow and was immediately blown off the stage.


I went rigid at this situation I hadn’t anticipated.

「Wi, winner! Allen Rhodes!」(Presenter)

The presenter announced the winner of the match.

There was a big ruckus raised by the audience after seeing the result of the match.

「Wha, what happened….?」(???)

「I saw something for a moment, it flew really quickly!?」(???)

「Haa!? I did not see anything like that!?」(???)

I was temporarily stunned by their reactions.

「No way」(Allen)

Perhaps…I’m much stronger than I think.

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  1. It looks like his defense mechanism kicking in to cope with reality to me. Sure, he accepted some parts of the fact that he really did train for a billion years but he stated that it was like a dream. It might be because of there’s a dissonance in his memories


  2. jesus this reeks the author couldn’t throw in a conversation giving names to the rough guys
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  3. “It is frustrating…..but they have not said anything wrong.

    I certainly have become strong.

    But that’s just within the small confines of the grand swordsmanship academy.

    If you step into the world, you will find more superior swordsmen than me.

    (I still have some ways to go…)

    The world is wide – just knowing this makes it worth coming to the festival.”

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