The Swordsman Called the Countless Swords Sorcerer – Chapter 2

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AN: Correction 相手の良い分も → 相手の言い分も

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「Hey Ardis! are you alright!? Wha!?」 (Ted)

The boy who had dispatched the men turned around in response to the voice calling him.

A group of three men and women came into the boy’s vision. When he waved his hand back and forth, relieved sighs could be heard.

「It got burnt down…」 (Ted)

Looking around at the part of the forest that had become charred, a burly man at the forefront of the group approached him.

His hair had a rosewood color with dark brown eyes. His muscles which were nearly bursting gave him a rough impression.

Wearing leather armor, his appearance with a bastard sword and a round shield showed he was a swordsman.

「It wasn’t me」 (Ardis)

「Thats right Ted, Ardis isn’t as bad as this」 (Ophelia)

The one who defended the boy was a young woman who was wearing a dark green hooded robe.

She had a short wooden staff in her hands, a very common tool for a magician.

Her vivid red hair peeped from the edge of the hood, her eyes that were directed at the swordman Ted were a somewhat dark red.

「Why do you say it like I’m bad?」 (Ardis)

「Come now Ardis, I don’t think Orphelia said anything wrong」 (Norris)

The archer next to him immediately responded.

Getting involved was too troublesome, the archer with steel colored hair shut down the conversation quickly.

「How many people were there on your end?」 (Ardis)

The boy in the robe asked the magician girl

「There were three people, but they didn’t seem very motivated. They quickly scurried away when Norris started shooting at them…」 (Ophelia)

「As soon as I took a step towards Ardis, they kept coming and got in the way」 (Ted)

Ted finished Ophelia’s statement in a somewhat irritated tone.

「Well? Over there…it’s as bad as it looks, huh」 (Ted)

He looked over at the man in blue robes sprawled out on the ground.

「There wasn’t any reason to go and kill both of them now was there?」 (Ted)

「It’s not just two. There’s another dead one over there, so that makes three」 (Norris)

Looking over at the man in leather armor who hadn’t been able to escape, the archer Norris spoke with sudden realization.

「You found him」 (Ardis)

「Well yeah, I mean the eyes are an archer’s life after all」 (Norris)

Norris responded with a proud face.

「Whatever, killing them doesn’t really change anything」 (Ardis)

Ted was astonished.

「It would be easy for you to capture them with your ability」 (Ted)

「They aimed for my life, I won’t be merciful」 (Ardis)

The boy got in a bad mood whilst talking about protecting himself.

「Iya, that’s true I guess」 (Ted)

Seeing Ted like that, Ophelia offered a rescue.

「I can see Ted’s point, but wouldn’t it be better to capture them?」(Ophelia)

「It’s a hassle. If they were sent with someone elses instructions and they might be killed if they talk, do you think they will?」 (Ardis)

「Ahaha. Ardis you sounded like an adult when you said that」 (Norris)

Ophelia sighed and agreed with Norris with a dry laugh.

There is no-one that would accuse them or robbing the lives of the assailants.

The laws exist within the towns, villages and within the eyes of government officials who are the keepers of the law.

Within the confines of this demon and beast infested forest, the laws do not apply.

In this lawless land you are required to protect yourself.

If you can’t do that, then you will lose your life unknowingly.

Of course there are no holdbacks for criminals, and those who do not have the skill to protect themselves are no different than prey in the eyes of a predator.

There is neither the attacker nor the attacked, there is only the one who is stronger.

If you strike a person stronger than yourself, you will be killed.

「Well whichever we are, we have certainly sought fights for our 『White Star』」 (Ted)

The swordsman quieted down after saying that, the archer continued advancing the talks.

「Then, Ardis who were the opponents this time?」 (Norris)

「I don’t know, but they knew about sword magic」 (Ardis)

「Hmm. Well Ardis’ sword magic has become known recently. You don’t exactly hide it, do you?」 (Norris)

The boy called Ardis returned a 「I guess」 to Norris.

Well if he thought about it carefully, he could imagine who it might be judging by his opponents in the past.

「Thieves guilds attacking in the night on the orders of an aristocrat. Magicians pressing me to tell them the secrets of sword magic. The priests of the church. Jealous mercenaries…」 (Ardis)

「The military has also been annoying」 (Ophelia)

When Olferia adds this, Ted also speaks up.

「Eh? What does the military have to do with Ardis?」 (Ted)

「The general wanted to recruit me to teach a sword magic division, I turned it down」 (Ardis)

「Besides sword magic cannot be learned by magicians. We would’ve just wasted time together. If you had such free time, you may as well spend it sleeping in bed」 (Ardis)

Ardis announced.

「Even so, it was the way you declined! If you refuse in such an unfriendly way of course they would be angry!」 (Ted)

Ted sent a gaze to the boy as if asking what he’s doing.

「Being humiliated so publicly, it isn’t strange he made an enemy of them」 (Ophelia)

「Haha. As usual Ardis has a lot of enemies」 (Norris)

「It’s not a laughing matter Norris. As a rule of thumb, aristocrats, churches, magicians, thieves guilds and the military are bad opponents. We should stop increasing the number of enemies for Ardis. I know your strength, but they are just as dangerous, if not more」 (Ted)

「I know Ted. The nobility and the church are not to be taken lightly」 (Ardis)

To the words of Ardis, Ted replied.

「Three coppers that prudence doesn’t last long」 (Ted)

「Well, I bet five coins」 (Ophelia)

「Ahaha, one silver coin」 (Norris)

The betting was not done yet.

「…」 (Ardis)

It seems that Aldis’ prudence was not trusted at all.

「Well then, will you go back to the city today? Ardis have you finished collecting? I want to leave before nighttime」 (Ted)

「Ah, I’m done」 (Ardis)

Here 『collecting』 was used to gather the gold from fallen bodies.

It might look like thievery, but this was deep inside the lawless forest.

Indeed the opponent was an enemy who tried to rob Ardis’ life. To check their identity, you also need to check their belongings. No-one would blame anyone for taking money as a “nuisance fee”. 

「He did not have many things」 (Ardis)

「Well then, do you want me to burn this one?」 (Ted)

「Please do, I will burn the other guy」 (Ardis)

When Ardis finished burning the enemies body, he went out of the forest onto the highway and ran towards the city in a hurry.

Located in the southeast of the Canovis Mountains in the center of the Robles continent, was the port town Toria where Ardis lived.

It is the second city of the Nagras Kingdom which was rich in grains, it prospered due to the close proximity to the forest.

The southern part of Thoria’s forest contained fuel, food and medicinal herbs which could be traded in the city. It had been supporting the development of the city since long ago.

Of course it is usually a place where people do not enter. Wild beasts and even demons prowl around there.

However the treasures located in the deepest parts of the forest were very attractive to humans. Many entered the forest with the knowledge that they may die.

Occasionally, rich merchants organized massive searches of the forest in an attempt to uncover these treasures. But usually it was common to join a party with a smaller number of people and enter the forest together.

These small groups would receive quests from the merchants to obtain medicinal plants and rare plants in the forest. It was a valuable source of income for peacetime merceneries.

Even if they are called mercenaries, they do not fight all year round.

After all, there is not always a war.

If you do not take up your sword, you must inevitably earn income somehow.

Escort missions, letter deliveries, surveying unexplored areas, subjugation, harvesting in dangerous places, those who cannot accept such work eventually become bandits.

The work Ardis received this time was the preliminary survey of a potential logging area.

The request was issued by multiple timber merchants under a joint name.

Apparently the traditional logging area was almost empty and it was necessary to develop a new area by next year.

「So, how was the place you surveyed this time?」 (Ardis)

Ardis asked the other people.

「It is not bad. The distance to the highway is short, so it doesn’t seem a problem as long as the road is improved. The quality of the trees seem good as well, they may try and secure it」 (Ted)

「There are still some 『Gladiator Beast』 nests that need to be cleared out in advance」 (Norris)

Norris supplements.

「Nn」 (Ophelia)

「Well, let us treat you to a meal first. A party should be one consciousness afterall」 (Ted)

Ted complained to Ardis.

「No I am only temporarily involved. Because it is a request I received from 『White Star』. Aren’t we unrelated?」 (Ardis)

Ted’s face deformed at such a reply.

「Hey Ardis. I asked you before, but why not join our party?」 (Ted)

「Me?」 (Ardis)

「That’s right. You temporarily party with us all the time, it’s almost like you’re a member of 『White Star』」 (Ted)

「Party…ah…well…」 (Ardis)

「Are you going to postpone the answer everytime?」 (Ted)

Without waiting for Ardis’ reply, Ophelia cut in.

「Did you hear that?」 (Ophelia)

Norris’ eyes crossed Ardis’

「Un, someone is being attacked」 (Ardis)

In the ears of Ardis who closed his eyes and concentrated his consciousness, the voice of a human asking for help could be heard.

At the same time, the neighing of horses and screams of a death sounded out in the direction that Ardis was facing.

A consultation was needed.

「Ted, what should we do?」 (Ardis)

Ardis asked for his judgement.

That was because he was the leader of 『White Star』

「Naturally we help them」 (Ted)

「Which side do we help?」 (Ardis)

「We’ll decide after watching!」 (Ted)

Saying so, Ted ran with all his might.

「Hahaha. He is such an unconventional person」 (Norris)

「It’s true he has the personality to thrust his neck into troublesome things」 (Ophelia)

Regardless of his appearance, he cannot help reaching out to those in need.

Although complaining about such a party leader should be saved for when they’re drunk.

From the point of view of Ardis, he did not think Ted’s way of living was clever.

This world was full of danger, those who deliberately jump into trouble never live long.

However Ardis did not think Ted was stupid.

Ardis could live in this world because Ted was such a person as this, his benefactor.

「Can’t be helped」 (Ardis)

Ardis threw out two short swords from his waist which floated around him as he chased after Ted.

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