The failure swordsman who became the strongest after spamming the 100 million years button – Chapter 1

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100 million years button and the time prison – 1

Allen Rodoru. Ten years old.

Unfortunately….I have no talent in swordsmanship. It’s so bad it’s enough to make be lose hope.

Still I swung the sword day after day.

More than anyone, I kept swinging the sword for longer than anyone else.

『Effort will always bear fruit』–was what my mother used to always say.

My mother raised me all by herself.

My father apparently died from a rare disease while I was still a baby. Whilst growing up I was told he was a sincere and honest person, yet I don’t remember his face at all so I don’t feel that close to him. It seems my clear eyes resemble my mother’s and my black hair resembles my father’s.

I do not remember much as I was too young, but I remember my mother working hard every day.

She had saved up for many years to pay the entrance fee for the Grand Swordsmanship Academy that I currently attend.

So, even if I’m despised as a「Failed Swordsman」at the academy. Even if I’m bullied by my classmates. Even if I’m treated as a nuisance by my teacher—I will work even harder at my swordsmanship.

If I put in many times more effort, I’m sure I’ll become a spectacular swordsman.

That will also make life easier for my mother who worked so hard to raise me.

–Even today, I’ve been trying my best at the swordsmanship academy.

Tomorrow I will put in even more effort.

Then it happened….at dusk of the next day.

Whilst I was swinging my sword in the schoolyard as usual, Dodriel Barton came accompanied by two girls.

Dodriel Barton.

(TLN: It was written as Dodorieru Baton, so I can’t think of a better western name that matches it)

The eldest son of Baron Barton, with his family’s signature blue hair trailing behind his back.

I hated him.

It’s because of him that I’m always bullied, since he created the nickname「Failed Swordsman

As usual, I should ignore his words and hide my disgust.

But today I couldn’t let him off.

「Take back…now…those words!」(Allen)

「Oi oi….Don’t get so angry, I only told the truth didn’t I? If the child is garbage, then the parents must also be garbage…It’s not like I’ve said anything strange right?」(Dodriel)

「Dodriel, you….!」(Allen)

My rage reached its peak, before I knew it I was already holding his lapels.

「Tch….don’t touch me with such dirty hands! You failed swordsman!」(Dodriel

He kicked me in the stomach.

Despite being a child as well, I was blown away by the difference in strength.

Although I had unseemly fallen on my butt, I stood up and scowled at him.

「Certainly I may have garbage talent….but never say that my mother is garbage!」(Allen)

Dodriel shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

The surrounding girls were laughing and giggling, seeing them like that caused my face to grow red.

「Haa… the son of a frog not also a frog? Parents of garbage like you are also garbage, it’s been like this since long ago」(Dodriel)

Dodriel said whilst scoffing.

「Y, you….!」(Allen)

Blood rushed to my head and I immediately pulled out my sword.

「Oi oi, is that okay? Anything more than this would go beyond the school’s rules?」(Dodriel)


Private sword fights between students are prohibited by the school’s rules.

If you break this, severe punishment such as suspension of permanent exclusion will be handed out.

If I do this whilst being at the bottom tier of the school….I will definitely be forced to drop out.

「…..that’s why! Dodriel Barton, I hereby challenge you to a duel」(Allen)

「Hmm….the failed swordsman wants to challenge a genius swordsman like me to a duel…?」(Dodriel

「That’s right! If I win, your previous remarks must be withdrawn!」(Allen)

「Ha ha! Interesting… interesting Allen! If you win, I’ll take back my previous remarks! Whatever you ask me to do, I will do! –However if you lose…」(Dodriel

Pausing his sentence, his lips curled up into a smirk.

「…If I lose?」(Allen)

「That’s right…you will have to drop out of school on the spot」(Dodriel)


The conditions Dodriel proposed were ridiculous.

「Why are you surprised? In a duel each side must offer equal conditions—do you not even know such a thing?」(Dodriel)

「I, I know that! But in what way is this balanced!?」(Allen)

Taking back previous remarks. Dropping out of the school.

It can easily be seen that the conditions are not equal.

「Oi oi, aren’t you misunderstanding something failed swordsman? There is no value in you quitting the school in the first place, after all you have no value to the school yourself」(Dodriel


It’s frustrating…but he’s right.

My grades at this swordsmanship academy are the lowest.

It’s at a point where I might be forced to drop out from how low they are anyway.

「I understand….I will accept the duel with such conditions….」(Allen)

「Ooh, you’ve finally grown a spine! The date and time will be tomorrow morning at 9am – as for the place, shall we say the gym?」(Dodriel)

I nodded my head.

「I will handle the procedures to apply for a duel. Allen, please struggle desperately to at least make a good fight. Though it’s obvious your efforts will be useless. Ahahahah!」(Dodriel)

In this way it was confirmed. I will be fighting the genius swordsman Dodriel tomorrow morning.

Thinking about it now, I’ve truly done a foolish thing.

(Iya….but, if he had said the same thing again, I would have applied for the duel myself)

Insulting my mother like that cannot be ignored.

(But…Dodriel is strong)

He is the opposite of me – a genius.

Even though he rarely practices, he absorbs every kind of style and swordplay like a sponge.

It’s rumored that there are talks about him getting a recommendation for a prestigious school in the city

(Still….I can’t be defeated…)

Losing the fight would mean dropping out of school.

More than anything, I must make him withdraw his insults to my mother.

After that, I went back to the dormitory and headed out to the forest with my sword.

I arrived at the place where I usually swing my sword and began practicing for a while.

「Fu~tsu, fu~tsu, fu~tsu……!」(Allen)

I kept swinging the sword furiously and recklessly in earnest.

I had become desperate.

This is all I can do…

When I was freshly enrolled, I lowered my head to various instructors in the academy and tried to get them to teach me personally.


「Unfortunately you have no talent. Now move, you’re blocking the gate」(Teacher A)

「Oi oi oi! How can a crappy swordsman like you say 『make me your disciple』」(Teacher B)

「『Social Position』do you know what those words mean?」(Teacher C)

All my requests were denied.

There was no teacher who wanted to teach me.

So I don’t even know any styles, let alone how to fight.

The only things the academy taught all of us was how to hold and swing your sword, as well as how to train your body.

In other words, the only thing I can do is『Training』to swing my sword in a straightforward way.

As the sun set and the moonlight illuminated me, I finally stopped swinging my sword.

「Ha, haha, hahahahaha….!」(Allen)

Laughter leaked from my mouth

「I’m so stupid….! There’s no way I can win…!」(Allen)

Even if I know how to swing a sword, it’s meaningless.

Anyhow, I’ll be defeated by that genius tomorrow. The cruelest thing is that everyone will see it

The difference between me and him is the same as night and day.

Even with several years, I won’t be able to catch up to him.

(Frustrating…frustrating, frustrating, so frustrating!

It’s frustrating, no matter how many times I simulate our fight in my head, I can never see myself winning.

「What…what do I do…?」(Allen)

Frustrating, so frustrating…tears overflowed from my eyes.

I want power.

The power to beat Dodriel.

But that isn’t enough for me.

Power, talent — more than anything I want time…

「…damn it!」(Allen)

I shouted as I struck the ground with my fist.

「Ho ho ho…you seem to be worried quite a bit young swordsman」(???)

Suddenly, I heard a crooked voice from overhead.

「Who, who is it!?」(Allen)

When I raised my head in a panic, there was a short old man standing there.

Everything from his hair and eyebrows to his mustache were white

His back was bent over, his hand was holding a cane

What was creepier than anything else was that I couldn’t sense his presence

「Oneself? Well…let’s just say I’m the hermit of time」(Hermit)

(TLN: Introduces himself as this 時の仙人 -> Hermit of Time)

The old man who introduced himself as the hermit of time had a long beard that traced its way to the ground.

「Now then young swordsman. If you have troubles, why not talk to this old man?」(Hermit)

「…Even if I talk to you, nothing will change」(Allen)

「Muu…I guess. Is it not painful to hold it in all alone? Even just talking to someone can help you clear your mind a little. No need to be reserved, I have one foot in the grave as it is」(Hermit)

Saying so「Ho ho ho!」the hermit began to laugh.

「…maybe you’re right」(Allen)

Since I was desperate myself, I began talking about my desperate situation.

I have no sword talent at all.

I’m bullied at the sword school.

My mother left her hometown with me.

I have a fight tomorrow.

After spitting out what has accumulated for so long – I certainly do feel better.

「I see….so that’s why you were so depressed…」(Hermit)

The hermit did not make a fool out of me after hearing my story, but took it seriously.

This was unexpected.

「If that’s the case…I may be able to help」(Hermit)

「…how could you help me?」(Allen)

To turn over such a desperate situation – if you possess such magic, please show me how to use it.

Then the hermit laughed whilst grinning.

「Ha ha, you said it – use this thing」(Hermit)

As he said that, he took out a red button from his chest pocket.

「…what is that?」(Allen)

「One hundred million years button – it is a magical item foreign to this world」(Hermit)

「100 million years button…?」(Allen)

「Umu. Those who push this button get the same effect as 100 million years of training in just a moment! It’s a precious item!」(Hermit)


I stated my frank opinion.

「Maa maa, just listen. Trust this old man who doesn’t have long to live…ok?」(Hermit)

As he said so, the hermit rubbed his hands.

He did patiently listen to me tell my story, so to refuse him so bluntly – well I’m also a little interested.

「…please give me the shortened version」(Allen)

「Oooh! You will listen! Thank you! Thank you!」(Hermit)

Then he cleared his throat with a Gohon~

「Those who push this 100 million years button are moved to another world where they will live for 100 million years. In that world you are free to do as you please, you can meditate and learn new things, or you can do nothing at all. You’ll have plenty of time anyway」(Hermit

「…you can train for 100 million years?」(Allen)

For the me right now, this was nothing short of a dream.

「Umu! Furthermore, there is a house and even beds – there is also a large bathroom! No worries about food either! There is a magical food store that constantly generates food! Besides, there is no worry about life expectancy as it’s a different world after all」(Hermit)


The food issue was satisfied and I had plenty of time, I would also never age.

It’s an ideal environment.

「Furthermore, the thing that makes this button so amazing is that for the user 100 million years will appear to have passed in a split second!」(Hermit)

「…What does that mean?」(Allen)

I don’t understand it at all.

100 million years is 100 million years. It cannot pass in an instant like that.

「Actually…at the moment of returning from the different world, your memory of the 100 million years will be erased in its entirety! In other words, if you press the button now–」(Hermit)

「– It would be like training yourself for 100 million years in an instant!」(Allen)

「Exactly! I’m glad your understood so quickly!」(Hermit)

When the explanation was over, the hermit said「How is it? Amazing right?」and stuffed the 100 million years button into my hand.

I gazed at the red button.

(If…if I could really train for 100 million years…)

I might be able to win again Dodriel….

If I was given a short amount of time like 4 or 5 years I probably couldn’t catch up.

But, if there is 100 million years of time….even a swordsman with no talent like me will be able to catch up to a genius. No, I would surpass them.

Thinking this far, I brought myself back to reality.

I understood how stupid I was thinking.

(Indeed, why was I thinking so seriously about such a thing)

I truly do think too much….

Life is not a fairy tale, dreams like this do not exist in reality….

「Haa….is that the end of the story? I don’t have time to talk about such silly things」(Allen)

「Iya….? Do you not believe me?」(Hermit)

「I think it’s amazing…if the story is true」(Allen)

「It’s not a lie! Ever since I was born, I’ve never told a single lie!」(Hermit)

「I see, that’s good then」(Allen)

Then I took up my sword again and resumed swinging it.

I know I can’t win anyway….but I at least wanted to do as much as I could.

「Mugu….just once, can’t you push the button? Take it as a request from this old man….」(Hermit)

Saying so, the hermit bowed his head and begged.

I never thought he would ask so desperately.

「Oh….alright, alright」(Allen)

All I have to do is push it once for him to be satisfied.

Thinking that, I extended my hand to the button, when suddenly the hermit opened his mouth with a serious expression

「Young swordsman. Let me give you a piece of advice」(Hermit)

「Haa….what is it now?」(Allen)

「Never ever commit suicide over there. Even though it’s a different world, if you die there you will die here as well」(Hermit)

「Hai hai, got it」(Allen)

And then I pushed the red button.

But surprisingly, or should I say as expected — nothing in particular happened.

「Hoho, how are you feeling? Does it feel like you’ve swung a sword for 100 million years?」(Hermit)

The hermit looked pleased from the bottom of his heart.

「Nothing has changed. It was a lie」(Allen)

I didn’t get discouraged.

There was no way button like this could exist after all.

「Ho ho ho! You don’t seem to have noticed your large change yet! Why don’t you try swinging your sword for me to see?」(Hermit)

So persistent…

With slight annoyance, I lightly swung my sword once.


At that moment, a strong wind blew.


My eyes must be tired, it looked as if my sword has branched into 3 copies.

The speed was so quick and powerful that it appeared as if the sword had bent into a strange shape.

「Ho ho ho! Amazing! I was not mistaken young swordsman!」(Hermit)

The hermit slapped his hands together as he laughed.

(Are you….serious?)

I tried cross-cutting this time.


Three seconds after I swung my sword, the sound of wind breaking appeared on schedule『ZAN!』

My sword — had left that sound behind.

「Wh, what…is this!?」(Allen)

This sword was already familiar with my body…but this was a different story.

I was surrounded by an almighty feeling as if my sword and my body were united.

「How is it? Do you feel as if you’ve been reborn?」(Hermit)

Seeing the hermit, I couldn’t help but smile.

「Ah! It really feels as if I’ve been born again…!」(Allen)

I dropped my gaze down again and saw the 100 million years button held in the hands of the hermit.

「Once again…..will you let me push it one more time…!?」(Allen)

I certainly did become strong.

I got stronger, but was still not sure if I could win again Dodriel.

There was a big wall between me and him, it was clear to see our difference in power.

「Feel free! Press it as many times as you want!」(Hermit)

「Re, really!? Thank you, thank you..!」(Allen)

Then, I pushed the button many times.

I really wish I never did push–

–this cursed 100 million years button.

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