Different world orphanage – Chapter 2

TLN: A few things I forgot to mention. The reason this novel hooked me was because rather than having an overpowered offensive ability like most Isekai protagonists get, his ability is to protect and I believe he’s only capable of counter-attacking and defending.

He also uses the phrase “yare yare” alot. It has a lot of meanings depending on the context, in the majority of cases when used by Shinji it’s almost like a sigh of exasperation.

I’ve gone back and updated the previous chapters with concept art I found on the publisher’s twitter page. As well as adding a navigation menu at the bottom.

Lucia concept art
Shinji concept art


I am currently out shopping in the city. When I talked with Lucia in the orphanage, we discussed about purchasing what we needed. Although I received a portion of gold from the king, it will likely bottom out in a month.

「Here it is, master」(Lucia)

Saying that, Lucia rushed ahead with her small body.

Then, the surrounding people…especially the men stared at her. Yeah…Lucia is very beautiful. Although she is still young, in the future she’d become quite a beauty. I’ve never seen it at this level on Earth before.

Whilst thinking such a thing「Master~」Lucia says as she joins her hand with mine.

Oi oi, it’s embarrassing since we stand out so much. The gazes from the surroundings are painful.

「Damn it! Why to such a person!」(Mob A)

「Tch!」(Mob B)

That person definitely clicked his tongue right?

Yare yare, I didn’t want to stand out at all.

Also, there are occasionally groups attempting Nanpa, but each time she hid behind me trembling. Her attitude was completely different compared to being with just me alone. (TLN: Nanpa is a type of flirting popular with teenagers and those aged between 20 and 30. Generally, guys meet up in places with lots of people and approach women to try and get a date. If you’ve read healer in another world’s labyrinth city, the protagonist is forced to be part of a nanpa group by his friends. Though his friend is almost arrested for being too forceful)

Maa, because I have the「Defend(Reform)」skill, it isn’t really a problem even with if we get involved with nanpa.

Like that, we went around various shops that dotted the streets. Yet for some reason the places we went to seem to have become noisy. Yare yare.

「Ma, master…I had a lot of fun on my date with master today…」(Lucia)

Although she is saying such lovely things, I have to make my stance clear here.

「This was just shopping」 (Shinji)

「Still, I was happy」 (Lucia)

Whilst engaged in conversation, a commotion seemed to be occurring ahead of us.

「Nn? What?」 (Shinji)

Apparently, it seems to be a fight between young people. They are standing with swords drawn in the street.

「It’s a quarrel between adventurers!!」(Mob C)

Such a voice was heard. A so-called adventurer is someone who receives requests for a reward. It seems 2 of them had a disagreement over something.

However, I don’t have the disposition to find such things exciting. I advance quickly in attempt to pass by.

At that time, one of the adventurer’s swords was knocked out of his hands and flew towards us vigorously. At this rate it will hit Lucia!!!

But that never happened.

Using a knife hand blow I hit the sword sharply, shattering it into pieces.

It appeared as if the sword had completely disappeared from the gallery.

Apparently, it seems that my「Defend」skill had been activated. Well, it did state it provided absolute protection.

「Wh, what is with what!? That sword was made from Orichalcum, but he destroyed it with his bare hands!」(Mob D)

「He must be a high ranking adventurer!」(Mob E)

「Stupid, no matter how high an adventurer is, even if they’re S rank, they wouldn’t be able to do that!」(Mob F)

Such voices were heard, how annoying. I didn’t even want to stand out.

I briskly walk away from that place.

「Amazing master…」(Lucia)

With a red face, Lucia looked up at me. Though I’m not sure I deserve it, since I didn’t really do anything serious.

Well, for now we went back to the orphanage like this to continue improving our environment.

Specifically, cleaning and arranging our everyday items.

The orphanage was wrapped in such a busy atmosphere when it was suddenly visited by someone.

「My name is Doran, the guild master of the adventurers guild. This is my attendant, Shurai」(Doran)

So he says as he introduces himself.

What could he want? I show them to the guest room and Lucia follows. They sit down and face towards me. I hope they will hurry up since I want to clean the orphanage quickly…

「Straight to the point, we want you to enter the adventurers guild! What do you say?」(Doran)

Doran suddenly lowered his head.

「I’ve heard about your tremendous power when you broke the orichalcum sword a while ago. Your ability will get you to A class, or perhaps S class. Just for registering, we can give you a significant reward!」(Doran)

「I’m sorry, it’s already been decided that I’ll run the orphanage here」(Shinji)

「Please! You would only need to complete 1 request a year. Rewards can be received either from the client or directly from the guild」(Doran)

「I still refuse. I already have an orphan to look after, I can’t throw her out」(Shinji)

Though it was frustrating, I declined yet again. The face of the man dressed in blue clerical robes…I believe his name was Shurai…suddenly became distorted.

「How dare you refuse the request of the guild master!」(Shurai)

Oh, it seems like his mask came off pretty easily. I shake my head in disapproval.

「Yare yare, no courtesy at all. I have no choice but to refuse」 (Shinji)

As I say so, I sit down in my seat.

However, Doran’s voice reached my ears.

「Shurai!! I should get rid of you idiot! You bring me such shame!!」(Doran)

「Bu, but…」(Shurai)

「But nothing! You are fired! Never show me that disgusting face again!」(Doran)

「That can’t be! I’ve been working for you for 10 years…」(Shurai)

「I don’t need someone as incompetent as you anymore!!」(Doran)

「Hiii, please forgive me!」(Shuria)

「Shut up!!!」(Doran)

As Doran screams, he releases a body blow with his muscular arms.

Bogo~o! There was a dull sound.

「Guge~!」Shuria squeals as he immediately falls down.

「Excuse me, are you finished? I have to go and prepare the orphanage now」(Shinji)

When I said so, Doran opened his mouth in a rush.

「Tr, truly my stupid subordinate has done something rude. I want to apologize. However, somehow…yes you don’t have to become an adventurer if you don’t want to. You also don’t have to do any requests. However, if you incidentally have time available, I ask you to please try some requests from the guild. Of course I will pay considerable expenses as well. I will ensure your treatment is of the highest grade. I’m sure we could manage that somehow」(Doran)

「Well, I’ll think about it. However the orphanage is my top priority」(Shinji)

「Thank you, thank you! As long as it’s not impossible!」(Doran)

「Master is so gentle」(Lucia)

Lucia commented.

「Ah, I did hear you were running an orphanage. Somehow I’d like to support it a little…」(Doran)

Although Doran came up with such an offer…

「No I will have to refuse, since I will do that myself」(Shinji)

「Th, then think of it not as support, but as reimbursement for my rude subordinate!」(Doran)

I open my mouth again to refuse. But before listening to me, Doran put a bag on the table and left. Not forgetting to kick his subordinate who had fallen unconscious, outside.

「Stupid fucker, hurry up. I’m never going to live this shame down, such incompetence!」(Doran)


I wanted to call out「Oi!」but since they left so quickly, they likely never heard it.

Yare yare, I’m troubled once more. I throw out a sigh. Oh, because I’m poor you think I extorted this money? That wasn’t my true intention at all

I take the money out of the bag whilst thinking such things. To which Lucia raised a surprised voice.

「It is a considerable amount of money! 1000 silver coins, 400 gold coins and 5 white gold coins! There is about 10,000,000 giels here! Well if it wasn’t for master I’m sure they would not even consider putting out such a large amount of money」(Lucia)

「It’s not a big deal」 (Shinji)

I shake my head, but Lucia looks at me with a gaze of respect. Yare yare.

Like this, the day came to dusk.

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5 thoughts on “Different world orphanage – Chapter 2

  1. Just a heads up, the MC’s name is not Shinji, it’s Naomi. The author even put it in hiragana. “直見真嗣(なおみ・まさつぐ)”.


  2. Nice, two chapters in two days. This story shows no sign of slowing down, but I really like this pace. As always thanks for the translation!


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