The failure swordsman who became the strongest after spamming the 100 million years button – Chapter 2

TLN: I was going to save this chapter for tomorrow, but I wanted to release it today to show new readers that the novel isn’t shallow. It’s not like the other novels where the protagonist can get OP without a cost. Or where the author makes light of just how long 100 million years is. You’ll see in this chapter just what happens to him during the loops.

「Eh…? Where am I?」(Allen)

Before I noticed it, I was standing in an unfamiliar place.

If I remember right….I heard a story about the 100 million years button from the old man who called himself the hermit of time.

「….that’s right. I pushed the 100 million years button」(Allen)

Is this that『Different World』the hermit was talking about?

Looking around my surroundings, a large white house came into view.

Furthermore, big numbers were suspended in the air in front of me.

00000000 Years 1 Month 1 Day 00 Hours 01 minutes 31 seconds

The numbers change every second, it seems to be a clock for this different world.

I can only leave this world once 100 million years have passed.

Until that time, I should make good use of what I’ve been given.

「Yes….yes yes!」(Allen)

I did it! I did it!

With this amount of time, I’m sure to win again Dodriel.

I’m happy….so happy I clench my fist tightly.

(Who would have thought that the hermit’s story was true)

When I leave here, I must thank the hermit.

(Wait….but didn’t he say my memory of this world will disappear when I leave…)

Well, it’s fine.

Although my memories will be gone, my sword skills will not be lost.

After 100 million years – it will feel as if I got stronger immediately.

(Oops, I’m wasting time here)

I quickly pulled out my sword and started swinging.

The time I have is long, but it’s also short.

100 million years will pass quickly.

(This is my chance to train myself….I cannot waste a single minute or second…!)

So I kept swinging with all my heart.

Before I realized it, my stomach started growling.

「It’s already this time」(Allen)

I looked at the clock in the air, it was already around 8pm.

Because there is no sun in this different world, it would be difficult to tell the time otherwise.

「Should I get something to eat now?」(Allen)

I temporarily stop swinging my sword and instead head for the large white house.

「Ooh, it’s wide….」(Allen)

It’s much wider than my mother’s house and the dormitory where I live now.

Also, it’s incredibly clean, there’s no dust at all.

「Etto….where are the ingredients…?」(Allen)

In the hermit’s story, there should be a magical food store than infinitely generates food.

After a short walk around the house, I found a huge refrigerator inside the kitchen.

「This is….?」(Allen)

When I open the big double hinged door–


–Vegetables, meat, milk and fish – all types of ingredients were packed together carefully.

I grabbed the big tomatoes I had seen in the beginning.

「….! Delicious…!」(Allen)

It was as if they were freshly harvested this morning, a lush, fresh sweetness invaded my mouth.

After picking at the dried meat and vegetables, I immediately headed towards the bathroom.


The bathroom was much larger than I imagined but at least 10 times.

In addition–

「Aah…..the water is nice and hot….」(Allen)

The temperature was perfect. Although if it wasn’t, there doesn’t seem to be any mechanism to adjust it.

It was not too hot, but instead at a moderate temperature. I found my muscles loosening as I was immersed in it

After that, I got up out of the bath and headed to the bedroom to prepare the bed.

I am not going to spend much time in here except to study.

If I do such a thing, 100 million years will surely pass quickly.


The large bed was so soft that I couldn’t believe it was from another world.

That being said, I’ve never felt anything as soft as this.

There was also power that seemed to wrap around my body tightly.

Whilst being wrapped in the light and warm comforter I murmured.

「This is the best…」(Allen)

Delicious food.

A pleasant bath.

A soft bed.

And above all, 100 million years.

There’s nothing more I want.

This is the perfect environment.

「Ehehe, training for 100 million years in this place…I’m sure to become a great swordsman」(Allen)

While holding such a bright and strong ambition in my heart, I slowly fell asleep.

Ten years have passed since I came to this different world. I kept swinging my sword every day.

After swinging my sword for ten years, I began to understand certain things.

(I wonder if my swinging is optimized enough now….)

I finally knew how to properly swing a sword.

When swinging the sword down vertically, there is specific timing for when to apply force and when to relax. I had firmly grasped that idea.

After 100 years had passed, I acquired various techniques.

For example,

「One sword – flying shadow!」(Allen)

I became able to release a flying slash.

I also provided a name for the various techniques I created.

I felt like I had become the founder of a swordsmanship school, it was a lot of fun.

Three hundred years later.

I got….a bit tired.

It is not physical exhaustion.

It’s probably mental exhaustion.

The same thing repeats every day over and over.

Swing the sword, eat, then sleep.

For three hundred years, I did the same thing every day.

I think I’ve gotten tired of life.

The other day I tried walking around the different world as a distraction.

To my surprise it was much narrower than I thought.

In conclusion, this world seems to be a small sphere.

If I leave home and walk in a straight line, I will eventually arrive at the back door very quickly. The sphere was much narrower than the schoolyard at the academy.

Surprisingly….I miss it.

Five hundred years later.

Recently, everything I’ve eaten has started to taste the same.

Fish, meat and vegetables – they all taste the same.

It feels like I’m eating tasteless rubber.

I understood that my mental state was bad.

However, there is no technique to leave this world.

With nowhere to voice my dissatisfaction, it grows day by day.

Why is the bath so large anyway.

Isn’t it fine if you’ve got just enough space to extend your feet.

The bed is the same.

All you need is a mattress and comforter.

I don’t need such an incredible house.

I don’t need it – so please give it all to someone else.

I want to meet with other people.

I want to meet with them and talk.

I want to have contact with someone other than myself.

That desire caused my feelings to grow fuzzy.

「Mother….I wonder if she’s doing okay」(Allen)

Seven hundred years later.

I’m so lonely.

I’m crazily lonely.

At this rate my mind will be broken.

I want to get out of here as soon as possible.

My hatred for the hermit who sent me to this hell is welling up.

「…He knew all along」(Allen)

How cruel this world is, how there is no salvation.

That was why he implored me so desperately.

To make me press that button.

「…I will absolutely never forgive him」(Allen)

With vengeance on my mind, I swing my sword today as well.

1000 years later.

I don’t remember why I’m swinging my sword.

Perhaps it used to serve a purpose.

Since I’ve been swinging my sword so desperately so far…I’m sure there was a reason.

But as for what it is…..I don’t remember.

5000 years later.

Suddenly I had a thought.

「If I choose to kill myself here….can I leave this world?」(Allen)

I had already forgotten the hermit’s words.

【Never ever commit suicide over there. Even though it’s a different world, if you die there you will die here as well】

That’s right. I can always end it.

It would be so easy.

I just have to push this sword into my chest.

Only this way can allow me to leave this hell.

「It will over….over at last!」(Allen) 

I immediately turned the tip of the sword towards my chest and closed my eyes.

I just have to stab myself.

The pain will only be brief.

Yes, that’s it.

This is…my only…

「Why is my sword not moving…」(Allen)

My hands refused to move, as if they had been set in stone.

I was scared.

The fear of death was overwhelming my current pain.

At that time I thought such a thing.

10,000 years later.

I stopped thinking.

Raise the sword, swing it down.

My existence was created to swing this sword.

Why am I swinging this sword?

For what do I live for?

In the first place, what am『I』

I had forgotten everything.

Even in this state —  I did not let go of this sword.

All I remember is that I should never let go of it.

It may be some kind of obsession.

After 100 thousand years, 1 million years, and even ten million years. I kept swinging my sword.

Then in the end when the clock reached 99999999 years 12 months 31 days 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds the world slowly began to collapse.

「It’s over….」(Allen)

I can feel my existence being pulled back into reality.

(Never….press it….again…)

I carved that into my soul.

That devil’s button.

It should not exist in this world – it is a cursed button.

(When I return to my original world, I’ll be sure to destroy it)

I absolutely cannot forgive it.

That shitty old man who sent me to such a hell cannot be forgiven.

I’m going to rip him apart like a ragged dust cloth.

That’s right. If I disable his arm, I can control it and force him to press the 100 million years button.

He can taste the same hell as me.

He will spend 100 million years in that world that has nothing.

I closed my eyes gently so as not to erase the darkness that burning in my chest.

Only a few seconds later – I was once again in this white world.

Unbelievably, the clock which was floating in the air showed 00000000 years 1 month 1 day 00 hours 00 minutes 01 seconds.


I doubted my eyes.

No way, no way, no way, no way…!?

「Again…I pushed it again!?」(Allen)

There is no doubt….when I returned to reality…I pushed it again.

That cursed 100 million years button.

From now on…I must live for that extraordinary long time….once again…?

「U, U, UWAAAAAA!?」(Allen)

I screamed.

I screamed and ran.

But no matter what I couldn’t lose my mind.

In this world, when feelings are elevated a certain amount they are forcefully suppressed.

Joy, sadness, pleasure and regrets – none of them can cross that line.

The prison of time never permits emotions that could waste time.

Not unlike the floating clock which ticks accurately every second, I kept screaming.

I made a round trip between this world and the real world a little while ago.

The stupid real world me pushed the 100 million years button many times.

It’s unfair.

Because the real world me doesn’t remember the 100 million years of hell I went through.

I have to do something.

Or else I’ll truly remain trapped in this world forever.

I have to do something.

(But what can I do…?)

There is no way to tell the real world me about this hell.

Unfortunately, when I escape this world my memories of this hell completely disappear.

So, I will keep on looping forever.

A world like this…forever.

Then, after experiencing these 100 million years eight times, I came up with an idea.

「That right, that’s right…escaping from this world is easy…」(Allen)

Ha ha.

I was concerned about myself.

Why did I not notice something so simple.

The answer is already in my hands.

「As long as I slash apart this world, I can get out of here…!」(Allen)

That’s it.

A sword is originally made to cut things.

Grass, trees and rocks are all types of things.

(With that being the case, it’s not strange to cut apart『This World』)

I’ve already decided I can cut it.

Otherwise it won’t make sense.

Though, I can’t cut the world right away as I don’t have that power yet.

I’m sure I will be forged into an excellent swordsman with further training.

(Fortunately, it seems I’ve been given infinite time….)

Then once again, I kept swinging my sword madly.

A sword strike that can even split apart the world – it was encroaching on the realm of gods.

….now that I think like that….maybe it’s strange…

But it’s something I have to do – I have to break out of here.

Maybe my mind was already broken after accepting this strange idea.

However, if I didn’t except it, my life would be over.

So I,

(I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!)

I just kept swinging my sword with that thought in mind.

It was like a motivational chant.

The world being able to be cut is natural. If anything, a person not being able to cut the world is strange.

I kept believing that from the bottom of my heart.

Several hundred million years later, an incident occurred.


At the moment when I swung my sword, the space through which the sword passes slightly『Flickered』

There was no mistake, it certainly flickered.

I cut the world slightly.

「Ha, hahahah! I guess I can do it! I can slash apart the world!」(Allen)

I laughed loudly.

It was a crazed type of laughter.

After that, I kept swinging my sword from 100 thousand years to 1 million years.

Gradually as I swung my sword – the flickering became bigger.

Since I could recognize this change.

It means I’ve truly grown.

I can see the end.

There wasn’t much time left….but I kept swinging all the while.

And now the time had reached 99999999 years 12 months 31 days 23 hours 59 minutes 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds, the next loop will start.



I don’t know why, but I was convinced.

「This will be the death of the white world」(Allen)

When I thought so, I began to feel strange.

Nostalgia….I wonder what this ambiguous feeling is.

「However, I never want to come here again」(Allen)

I laughed whilst looking at my sword.

「See ya, time prison」(Allen)

I say good bye to the place I spent over a billion years in.

Then I raised my sword above my head and swung it downwards.


As soon as the sword passed through space a loud noise was made – as the time prison collapsed.

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